Herbaceous Specialist

Jennie Maillard



If you missed my moment of glory, the nursery was featured in the October 2003 edition of ‘The English Garden’. The epithet ‘Golden and Healthy’ will probably stay with me for life, so I plan to have a border to match this honour. The show garden now has wonderful outline plans produced by Jane Edmonds (previously of Plantaholics Nursery) now all I need is the time to do them justice.

To avoid sounding like a recipient of an Oscar, I cannot name everyone to whom I would like to give my thanks, so to the members of my family who clean, cook, iron and guard the nursery, and to my friends who sow seeds, pot on, garden and give plants. Please remember all of you I am very grateful.

Please note that from 2012 the nursery is no longer open to the public. I will attend a few plants fairs and open gardens in 2013 and hope to see you on the day.